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Logistics and transport

Are you looking for a carrier for your waste? Then you have found the right company with us, the A&S Altlasten GmbH. We collaborate with transport companies which have the necessary authorizations and certification to transport waste. So that our clients are guaranteed and secure that their waste is disposed of within the appropriate and legal, secure means.

Irrespective of the mode of transport, e.g. container or walking-floor truck, we ensure the most efficient and economical means of transportation for all of your waste disposal needs. In the case of exceptional amounts of waste to be disposed of, we can also organize the transportation of these wastes via rail.

By planning your transportation needs as precisely as possible, we guarantee the optimal mode of transportation and therefore empty trips will hardly ever occur. Our speciality is efficiency and the most fastest quality of transportation. We are obliged by law to transport our clients' waste from the recovery site directly to the site of disposal.

We would be pleased to answer any of your inquiries regarding the disposal of your waste. We would also be available to offer services to organize the suitable transportation of wastes for disposal.

  • Organize suitable transport needs:
  • Organize the rental of containers in various sizes.
  • Organize the transportation of bulk material and other bulky disposable goods.
  • Organize the transportation of liquid wastes.
  • Organize the necessary documents for the correct verification of waste disposal during the shipment from the recovery site to the disposal area:
  • When the operation of waste disposal is completed, we consign certificates verifying this action.
  • We also compile the legal documents required by law for the transport vehicle (truck, rail), that must be attached to the waste disposal cargo.
  • We verify that all of our transporters either via truck or rail, have the necessary permits required by law to perform this task of transporting waste disposal cargo in a secure means.

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