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Disposal services

We, the A&S Altlasten GmbH, are one of the few waste agents that are certified as waste management professionals in accordance with § 56 and 57 KrWG (German law for recycling and environmentally friendly waste disposal), giving our clients security - the security they need concerning issues of waste disposal.

As an efficient collaborator with various waste disposal plants we are in a position to offer a suitable possibility of the utilization or disposal of any type of waste in accordance with the European Waste Catalogue. Working until finding a suitable possibility of utilization or disposal for any waste to be managed, our work also covers the safeguarding of the conditions concerning waste legislation for the proper execution of the disposal job. Of course, this also includes proper verification of the work done, with disposal documentation, consignment notes and handover certificates as well as weight certificates according to the KrW-/AbfG.

For your particular demand we offer customized solutions matching specific situations. This work requires a high level of knowledge on regional, national, and European waste law. We are a serious and reliable company having knowledge of the market of waste economy and having technical know-how for the entire execution of disposal jobs. On the basis of your waste analysis, we examine for you the most appropriate waste management plants that are available. We also select the safest and most cost-efficient way of disposal, giving you the advantage of choosing from various disposal options.

In case you require the disposal of a certain type of waste, you can simply make inquiries online.

  • Drawing up of the required analysis for waste. On request we also obtain the samples needed according to LAGA PN 98
  • Preparation of the necessary documents for correct verification
  • Disposal verification and handover certificates
  • Disposal verification by electronic system
  • Realization of all administrative needs concerning waste:
  • Authorization of the disposal routes.
  • Follow authorized waste laws and obtain waste management plant permission according to BImSchG (German law for environmental protection).
  • Notification process according to the Regulation (EC) of the European Parliament and of the Council, on the shipment of waste No. 10 13 / 2006.
  • External environmental control for your company site:
  • Drawing up of your waste balance sheets and economic waste plans.
  • Management and controlling of operational logs.

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