Waste management

The employees of A&S Altlasten GmbH are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the sector of secure waste management. Our aim is to satisfactorily handle all necessary economic and organizational issues regarding secure waste disposal and utilization to ensure that our clients needs are fully satisfied. The advantages of using our secure waste disposal system is that we offer cost-effective and efficient disposal routes at low rates.

We collaborate with various waste treatment plants and land sites so that our clients have many disposal routes that they may chose from for their personalized and secure disposal of their waste.

With these collaborators, we guarantee safe and efficient decomposition of all wastes in plants of biological, thermal and, if necessary, chemical treatment or respectively waste incineration.

If you have any questions concerning the secure disposal of wastes, or the recycling of wastes, our company is at your disposition for any inquiries. We provide an inquiry form to guarantee client input and to ensure our rapid and prompt attention to your problems and needs.