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Site management

As an external neutral expert, A&S Altlasten GmbH will also take care of the industrial site management for the demolition of possibly contaminated buildings. A surveyor from our company will be in charge of the professional monitoring, surveillance and engineering of your site according to the guidelines for work cared out in contaminated areas (BGR 128 of German federal agency for earth science and resources, formerly ZH 1/183).

As a basic principle, we begin the professional monitoring of a demolition project by designing a demolition and disposal concept. In addition, we are involved with the scheduling of the construction progress. After the identification of a new site for construction, we monitor our workers to ensure their safety and to guarantee that the construction site is without any hazards, well supervised to ensure that the regulations and procedures for working within contaminated demolition sites are followed. Our company is fully equipped with all required safety equipment and clothing for whatever contaminated situation and our fully trained, experienced professional staff members work only with protection gear when operating within a contaminated site.

We guarantee that site inspections are regularly performed and consistently monitored visits are carried out even with our clients present: prior to, during, and after the demolition project.

We will develop an expert evaluation and analysis of the demolition area. And, we will complete a plan of action for the next steps and appropriate procedures to be taken. Obviously, we shall take total responsibility for all permits required by German law from the necessary authorities, and provide daily or weekly reports during the entire demolition project.

After the project of demolishing your site has been completed, we guarantee a professional closing report that documents every step of the operation throughout the project, and we also note the final results regarding the successful completion of the project with all documented permits and other necessary analyses attached to this report.

If you require our professional services please do not hesitate to use our form describing your needs and any deadline dates. We act immediately.

  • Trouble-free execution of the demolition.
  • Separation of all materials into non-contaminated and contaminated batches that are thoroughly labelled according to German law at your dig or site. This separation is performed at the most economical and least time-consuming means for our clients.
  • Labelling of batches with their analysis written on their label with the notation of being contaminated or non-contaminated waste.
  • Preparation of necessary reports and analyses or any other required documentation for our clients' needs.
  • Documentation of the entire project from day one until the end of the clients' deadline.

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