Disposal concepts

You need a disposal concept for your company? Than you found the right partner. We are planning a disposal concept for all kind of wastes generated in your company. We guarantee the observation of all European waste law, especially we try to find a way for the utilization not for the elimination of the waste. If it is possible we are looking for the return in the recycling process. Only in a few cases you don’t have a other possibility as elimination but also this way we can offer you without any problems. For your particular demand we offer customized solutions matching specific situations.

On the basis of your waste analysis, we examine for you the most appropriate waste management plants that are available. We also select the safest and most cost-efficient way of disposal, giving you the advantage of choosing from various disposal options.

In your building or your former industrial site waste has been dumped? Also for this kind of problem we, the A&S Altlasten GmbH, are the best collaborator. We are planning the disposal, solve the loading problem and arrange the carriage of the waste. We find an economical solution, also if the requirement is very difficult.

We offer you the complete execution of the waste disposal job.

In case you require the disposal of a certain type of waste, you can simply make inquiries online.