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Engineering services

Do you planning the demolition of a building or an industrial site? We help you by drawing up a demolition plan and by the site management regardless if we have contaminations or not.

Do you have problems with the necessary disposal? We concept all the disposal routes that are available. Also we are here for helping you to clean up buildings or former industrial sites from waste what is illegally stored. We create a disposal concept for the waste and the transportation to the site of disposal and everything will be documented in a final report.

We will advise you on all the necessary procedures and will coordinate the required action to be taken to clean your land with the responsible agencies and authorities.

We will support you with all of the planning procedure for the clean-up of your property through drawing up a demolition plan, including registering waste and informing you of all disposal routes that are available.

Do you require professional engineering services? If so, please contact us immediately.

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